moledina_120Colleen is a tech-savvy intellectual who bridges the gap between the old and the new. Her work cataloguing and interviewing the Ohio Light Opera cast and crew is an excellent example of this. In her interviews, I am particularly impressed with her ability to draw the listener in through her excellent interview techniques. – Amyaz A. Moledina, Associate Professor of Economics, The College of Wooster

John_120Colleen is a very capable, competent, and creative professional. She is very well organized, extremely personable, and superbly talented as an on-air personality. – John Finn, Director of Public Information, The College of Wooster


Langerud_120Most impressive to me is Colleen’s ability to bring you along for a meaningful journey without making you feeling self-conscious. This makes exploring new and challenging works fun and informative with Colleen there to guide you. – Steve Langerud, Dean, Grinnell College


gard_120Colleen is a gifted writer, artist and performer whose work is a rare blend of spot-on precision and wide-ranging creative expression. She can manage numbers, details, and timing while making imaginative leaps and insightful connections, and I have admired – and often relied on – her unique abilities. – Julie Gard, Prose Poet / Assistant Professor of Writing

jen_120Colleen is a skillful writer who has honed her craft and brings forth beauty and power through language! – Jennifer Cross, Writer, Performer, Writing Workshop Facilitator